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What is the minimum / maximum age limit for your students?
Do you give some degree/diploma/certificate to your students? Is it a recognized dance academy?
What are your timings for dance classes?
I want my son/daughter to learn dance. What should I do?
Can my husband and myself learn dance for a function in our family?
Where will you train us? Here at the academy or may be at our home also?
How much time will we have to devote for that?
Our organisation wants your students dance performances. Will you please do it for us?
Can you please conduct classes for us outside Saharanpur also? What infrastructure would be needed? What would be your charges like?
From where should we arrange costume for dance? Can you recommend some good emporia to us?
I wish to make my career in modelling / I wish to do modelling as a hobby. Can you help us in that too?