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International Dance Day Celebrations

International Dance Day Celebrations


Saharanpur – 29th April : Vaishnavi Nrityalaya students today celebrated International Dance Day in a befitting manner by giving their beautiful dance performances including a theatrical dance performance narrating the famous story of Maina Sundari from Jain scriptures. Surendra Chauhan of Progressive Schools Forum, Sushant Singhal, Founder and Chief Editor of www.thesaharanpur.com, Ranjana Neb – Director of Vaishnavi Nrityalaya and her mother Mrs. Neb performed the cake ceremony.


On this occasion, the director and choreographer Ranjana Neb explained to the children the importance of International Dance Day by telling that United Nations and Unesco had decided in 1982 to celebrate 29th April as International Dance Day every year. This day does not belong to any one particular country, race, caste, community or the dance form. It does not relate to any one person even. The idea behind it is to promote dance in every community since there are many communities in which singing and playing various musical instruments like tabla, sitar, guitar is taught but there are no dance schools. She reminisced that when Vaishnavi Nrityalaya was started in Saharanpur, people were expressing negative opinion because they felt that music schools were the norm but not the pure dance schools. Ms. Neb said that it was because of the persistence on her part and love and adoration received from students and their parents that Vaishnavi Nritayalaya has come to be regarded as the most important and the largest dance academy in the city which is creating waves with the scintillating performances of the Nrityalaya.

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The story of Maina Sundari as theatrically and musically produced by the students is a highly popular and captivating one. As the legend goes, Sur Sundari and Maina Sundari were two beautiful daughters of the King Puhupal. The king was very much fond of hearing his praise from his people including the family members and had come to believe that all good things were happening to people because of him only and not due to grace of God. He sent her two daughters to different teachers as per their wishes. Sur Sundari desired to study from Shaiv guru whereas Maina Sundari wanted to study from Jain Muni. When education of both of them got completed, the king asked them various questions and got annoyed with Maina Sundari because of her answers. In order to teach her a lesson, the king performed her marriage with a terminally ill person – Sripal who was a leprosy patient. Maina Sundari graciously accepted the decision of her father and settles in her married life with a terminally ill person whom she serves with the best of her intentions. She does everything as the Jain Muni told her regarding treatment of her husband. Pleased with her humility and unshakable faith in God, the gods bless her husband with complete revival of health. Seeing this, the king accepts that he was mistaken by considering himself the source of fortunes for his children and his subjects. He now learnt that he was nothing but just a insignificant servant of the God and just a custodian.


The students of Vaishnavi Nrityalaya received standing ovation for this performance and Surendra Chauhan, the Chief Guest expressed his hope that the Nrityalaya would present this theatrical performance in front of a much larger audience in near future. The guests wished for the bright future of the children and their academy. Ms. Ranjana Neb thanked the guests on behalf of her academy, her students and herself.


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