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Modelling shows

The model appearing on a ramp - Vaishnavi Nrityalaya stage show.

The model appearing on a ramp – Vaishnavi Nrityalaya stage show.

The basic purpose of modelling is to ideally represent a person, product or service so as to attract potential customers to buy / use / possess or own it.  A model can be of any age, sex or race.  The major requirement from a model is that he or she should leave a favourable impression in the minds of his / her audience about the product, person or service being represented.

Ramp shows

A ramp show is an event where various models showcase the work of fashion designers. Garments designed by various designers are the main products which should be introduced in the most attractive manner by various models. The physique, various postures, style of movement and walking on the stage are watched by thousands of people under arc lights. If the model has graciousness and the garments gain popularity and are accepted by the public, the model can expect more and more assignments coming into her / his lap.

Usually, a model is good if all kinds of dresses – formals as well as informals suit her / him.  Therefore, an attempt is made to prove that the model looks good whatever she / he wears. For this, impeccable formal suits, sarees and gowns on one hand and casual dresses like t-shirts, jeans, shorts, tops may be selected.  Hair style, make up, posture, manner of walking on stage — all of these should complement with the image one is trying to project through a model.  It would look very funny if a girl in bridal saree walks on ramp as if she is wearing a jeans and t-shirt or vice versa.

Importance of Photographic portfolios

More_58A candidate desirous to appearing as a model whether for the sake of hobby or career is required to submit his/her photographic portfolio so that the agency may know how the candidate presents himself / herself before the camera. A portfolio consists of 5 or more photographs in standing, sitting or other postures in different kinds of dresses, in different moods. Moods and emotions are particularly important if the candidate wishes to show his/her acting prowess.
Those who are already celebrities in one or the other field already have a very large fan following and therefore it is extremely easy for them to get modelling assignments. But rest of the models have to achieve / build their celebrity status gradually. People like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar, Hema Malini or Aishwarya Rai have had their days of struggle and it may be your turn now. You need perseverance, dedication for your goal and an unstoppable urge to move ahead. The success is waiting for you.

For developing a portfolio, an attempt is made by the photographer to present as different shades of model’s personality as is possible.  Hundreds of photographs are taken and best 5 or 10 may be finally selected. A lot of planning goes into selection of get up, dress, make up, pose, lighting, background, hair style, shoes for each photograph.  Everything is selected to project a cohesive image.   While making a portfolio, a photographer, make up artist and the stylist (art director) work together to achieve a pre-visualized image of the model so it is not the photographer alone who creates a photograph.  Model also has to understand the requirement of the scene and has to work accordingly.  Model’s contribution is no less than that of photographer in creating portfolio images.

What kind of assignments a model may hope?

  • A model may be asked to appear in person for participating in LIVE SHOWS like catwalk.
  • Only photographs or video may represent a model.  (print media, websites, ad movies etc.)

What Vaishnavi Nrityalaya can do for you?

At Vaishnavi Nrityalaya we train you, groom you so that you would be a great model. Not only this, we give you exposure at every possible opportunity so that people start recognising and remembering your face. If you are intelligent, hard working and well groomed, and play your cards well, you will be accepted and appreciated.

If you are interested in your portfolio, please contact us at 98370 14781  (Sushant Singhal).  For training, grooming or participation in stage shows etc., please contact at 98373 00282 (Atul Neb).