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Vaishnavi Nrityalaya

Summer Camps

Thousands of children eagerly wait for the Summer Camps to start by Vaishnavai Nrityalaya which has carved a niche for itself. Following ever increasing demand from parents and students, 6 or more summer camps run parallel in the city where dance training is imparted to students which culminate as a major show in a jam packed, biggest AC auditorium of Saharanpur.

Conducting Workshops

Vaishnavi Nrityalaya is regularly conducting workshops for teachers and trainers on the topics like choreography and stage shows.




Stage Shows, Wedding events and Workshops ( Approx 5000 shows / workshops done so far)
Dance Classes

We conduct regular dance classes for the students (More than 12000 students have been trained during past 2 decades).



Wedding Events

Packages are available for providing dance training to various members (mostly couples and children) of the family who wish to give their dance performances on stage during Night, Mahila Sangeet etc.)

Community Programs

Various socio-cultural-religious organisations of the city frequently request a dance performance by Vaishnavi Nrityalaya students during their functions and events.



Our Patrons
  1. Smt. Neera Neb
  2. Sh. Ravindra Singh
  3. Sh. Kumar Yogesh (I/C, Sahara TV)
  4. Miss Asha Jain, Asha Modern School
  5. Mrs. Santosh Gupta,Pinewood School
  6. Sh. Ram Rajeev Singhal
  7. Sh. Chakresh Jain (Babuji)
  8. Sh. Deepak Agrawal
  9. Sh. Ramesh Chandra Sonkar
  10. Sh. Bhuvan Vikram Jain, Asha Modern School
  11. Sh. Bhavya Jain, Director, Asha Modern International School
  12. Sh. Sanjeev Jain, Principal, Pinewood School
  13. Mrs. Sushma Bajaj, St. Mary’ School / Bajaj International School
  14. Mrs. Babita Malik, Principal, KLG Public School
  15. Mrs. Leena Dua
  16. CA K.G. Agarwal
  17. Sh. Surjeet Rajde
  18. Sh. Amar Arora
  19. Sh. Anuj Jain
  20. Sh. Lavish Popli
  21. Sh. Brijesh Agrawal
  22. Sh. Rahul Gandhi
  23. Mrs. Reena Jain